About Us

KEEN is a family affair!

IIt started with Evita (Chemical Engineer, Marketing Expert, Actress and Mom) who searched but could not find safe, organic clothes for her children, over the age of 6yrs.

It continued with Ioanna (Chemical Engineer, Operations Expert in the Fashion Industry and Mom), who said: OK I can produce this.

It got better with Theodora (Graphics Designer, Mom, and Lego fan) who said: I will design what children can understand.

It took off with Demetra (Head Fashion Designer, with friends all over the Fashion World) who said: Look, ok with organic, ok with stick figures, I will make these clothes a hit!

But, KEEN could not become a reality without the support of our families, friends and co- workers, and we thank them all for that!

So... meet the KEEN team backstage!!