One Equals None

You may already own an organic T-shirt, great! But you cannot really benefit from organic cotton unless you wear it every day.
This is why We Never Sell One Item but a Selection of Items / Package to cover your child's weekly attire!

Buying a full package gives you the opportunity to mix and match your child's clothes and always feel safe. Ask your son or daughter to choose their clothes. It will be love at first site. And once they wear them, they will appreciate their good quality.
Selling a full package on the other hand gives us the opportunity to keep prices low.
Our first Autumn/Winter Collection comes out in August. As KEEN fabric is unique and scarce, we may not be able to cover all orders. So if you are interested in dressing your children KEENly, please subscribe to our Newsletter and be the first to order!
Why wait, order our Teaser Value T-Shirts, we’re sure you are going to love them!